WTF Is Psychobrary? 

Psychobrary is a community of people who want to give away or find and read literary fiction and poetry. The goals are to put more books into peoples’ lives, to create a virtual community of people who love reading fiction and poetry, and to make literature a more visible presence in the actual world.

OK But How Does It Work

To Give Away Books

Pretty basic!

Step 1: On the title page of the book you’re giving away, just write “I’m a free book. Property of the Psychobrary. Join us on twitter at @psychobrary.”

Step 2: Leave the book you want to give away someplace weird. Maybe the bathroom of a restaurant, or on a park bench, or taped to a wall in a conference room, or on top of a mailbox.

Step 3: Send a tweet to us @psychobrary and let us know you’ve made a “deposit” into the Psychobrary. We will tweet out the the book and geo-data. Bonus points if you include a photo of the book in its location, and of yourself if you feel bold or sassy.

To Borrow Books

Step 1: You have found a Psycholibrary book at random or you have chased one down after seeing it on our twitter timeline.
Step 2: Tweet to us that you have picked up the book, including the title and the location, and a picture is nice too but not mandatory.
Step 3: You can give away the book when you’re done or you can keep it.


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