The Crying of Lot 49

By Thomas Pynchon

Published 1966

GoodReads rating: 3.7  out of 5

GL rating: 8 out of 10 stars

(Comments originally posted on FB November 4, 2017)

I finished The Crying of Lot 49 last night. This is what the Times had to say about it in 1965. It sounds like V is the better of Pynchon’s first two novels. Although it’s a mostly favorable review of TCL 49, the 3-word phrase in it that most effectively and accurately indicts it is “pockets of eccentricity.”

8-10-18 update: I'm a bit confused about this book and it's position in the rankings. I did like it more than the post from November suggests. Need to revisit, it may get bumped down.